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Welcome to our website. Shepheard-Walwyn is an independent publisher founded in 1972. We regard books as food for the heart and mind and offer a wide range of subjects to stimulate and inspire. Each author has something unique to give.

New Releases

The Beautifully Written Book Collection
The unique factor in these books is that they are reproduced from original calligraphy and illustration. Calligraphy may be thought of as beauty of speech made visible by the art of the hand, bringing the words to life, rather like setting them to music. These beautifully illustrated books make lovely gifts and keepsakes.

Ethical Economics
Today's market economy is driven by profit seeking and emphasises shareholder value as the primary objective of business. This undermines traditional values of caring and sharing. For these to regain their rightful place in society, we need to look again at the basic laws of economics. Democracy requires an educated electorate with a social conscience, able to ensure that the common good prevails over sectional interests.

History & Biography
Without a knowledge of history, we are ignorant of what has made us the way we are. Biography enriches the study of history with the stories of the individuals who were the life and soul of the past.

Love of Wisdom
In the modern world it may sound pretentious to describe oneself as a seeker after wisdom, but for centuries it was considered an admirable objective. At the heart of the Renaissance in Florence were such a group, led by Marsilio Ficino, who revived the idea of Plato's Academy in Athens. The golden thread of perennial philosophy may be recognised in all cultures and climes

This was accorded pre-eminence in the arts of ancient Greece. Poetry's aesthetic supremacy and inhering mystery has made it the foremost form of expression when human beings need to say something important in a special way. Poetry has been defined as the best words in the best order.

Today, constitutional monarchy is mainly a conservative force, standing above politics, and helping to maintain stability. This very fundamental quality can enable a country to absorb more radical changes in its political and social structure than would otherwise be possible without the risk of disorder.

Scottish Interest
Included are books on Burns, Flora MacDonald, Glasgow, the Highlands and authoritative works on tartans.

More Titles
A selection of other titles may be found here.

The range of subject is wide and we hope something will appeal to your taste. If you have any difficulties in obtaining copies, please contact us on 020 8241 5927 or email books@shepheard-walwyn.co.uk

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