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  • crowning_glory

    Crowning Glory

    The Merits of the Monarchy

    Charles Neilson Gattey

    ISBN: 9780856831963 - Hardback

    This book examines the vital contribution made by the monarchy to the life of our country, and the close relationship that has always existed between the sovereign and ordinary people of Britain. Also revealed is the in-built sense of duty and service passed down the line to this present day.

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  • Layout 1

    The Devil’s Dance

    John Symons

    ISBN: 9780856835018 - Paperback

    “John Symons has done it again. This is a complex and deeply rewarding work. But don’t let that put you off! I loved the menace of the book and its tranquil resolution. I think it is a really great book. Like A Tear in the Curtain, it is about children, could be enjoyed by older children and is an absorbing read for adults. It also raises several important issues.”
    William Wood,

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  • 9780856832956

    Friend Of Castlereagh

    A Historical Novel

    John Stewart

    Chosen for Autumn 2013 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832956 - Paperback

    'It takes a great imagination to write a novel ' and it takes great technique to weave that seamlessly into an historical context. That is what ... John Stewart has done as his latest book hits the market ... and will be a great read' Mark Bain, Newtownards Chronicle

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  • Taxi-Book-Cover-Con

    Glasgow Taxi

    Jack Clyde

    ISBN: 9780856832321 - Hardback

    This is Glasgow, rich in variety, seen through the twinkling eyes of a likeable cab-driver.

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  • HighlandPostbagColour

    Highland Postbag

    The Correspondence of Four MacDougall Chiefs 1715-1865

    Jean MacDougall

    ISBN: 9780856832239 - Hardback

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  • cat_econ_fair_society

    Philosophy For A Fair Society

    Michael Hudson, G.J. Miller, Kris Feder

    ISBN: 9780856831591 - Paperback9780856831614 - Hardback

    Something must be done, explain the authors. Governments will fail, unless they shake off the economic orthodoxy which is now one of the problems rather than the means to a solution.

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  • prince_and_professor

    The Prince And The Professor

    A dialogue on the place of monarchy in the 21st century

    L. L. Blake with illustrations by Barrington Barber

    ISBN: 9780856831652 - Paperback

    With the ever-increasing tide of legislation from the European Commission and its overriding effect on English law, with the current debate on our monarchy, and indeed on all our ancient institutions, this is a very timely book.

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  • royal_law

    The Royal Law

    Source of our Freedom Today

    L. L. Blake

    ISBN: 9780856831911 - Hardback

    The title of the book is taken from words addressed to the Sovereign during the coronation service which, the author points out, plays a much more important part in the life of our nation than is generally recognised.

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  • 9780856832925

    A Tear In The Curtain

    John Symons

    Chosen for Spring 2013 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832925 - Hardback

    This is the story of three families, brought together and kept apart by terrible events. A Russian boy and Hungarian brother and sister spend an idyllic seaside holiday with an English family in August 1956, just before the Suez Crisis and the Hungarian Uprising intensify the Cold War and cut them off from each other.

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  • cat_callig_burns

    Twenty Most Favourite Songs Of Burns

    Scribed in calligraphy and illustrated by Andrew Winton

    ISBN: 9780856831751 - Hardback

    This beautiful book is the result of a long cherished dream, inspired by the poems and songs of Robert Burns. The dedicated research and meticulous craftsmanship shown by Andrew Winton have resulted in a book that no lover of Burns can resist.

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  • 9780856832536_b


    John Stewart

    Chosen by THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE: July 2009 Collection

    ISBN: 9780856832536 - Paperback

    More an allegory than a novel, Visitors describes the impact of beings from a distant planet on the political, economic and spiritual life of Britain and the world

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