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Princess Olga cover

Princess Olga – Telegraph Interview

Princess Olga Romanoff is striding around in jeans and a blue gilet, distractedly clutching a phone to her ear. I have just arrived at Provender House, her 13th-century mansion in the Kent countryside, which she opens at regular intervals to the public. “No, you can’t come today,” she is explaining through gritted teeth to a […]

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The Russian Revolution – 100 Year Anniversary

“This is the history of Russia, in a form that you will not have read it before.” This year sees the centenary of the Russian revolution. The year began with a mass demonstration on the 26th of February, followed by the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, on the 2nd of March. This ushered in the […]

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Burns Night – A master of song celebrated

25th January is Burns Night, the day in which the National Bard of Scotland, Robert Burns, is celebrated with supper, conviviality and poetry. It seemed appropriate at this time to focus this blog post on one of our classic titles,  Twenty Most Favourite Songs of Burns beautifully scribed and illustrated by Andrew Winton. This volume takes […]

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Sixty Years On – The Hungarian Uprising

This is a guest blog post by the author of A Tear in the Curtain, John Symons       “In late October(1956) there were some outbreaks of violence in Hungary, but the situation seemed generally peaceful. The Soviet Army of occupation was even reported to have withdrawn…. There were four days of calm.. On […]

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Country Living Christmas Fair 9-13 November

We are delighted to be hosting a stall at this year’s Country Living Christmas Fair. Pay us a visit at stall GB13. This is a fantastic seasonal event held in Islington, London for four days from 9-13 November. Here are some of the visitor testimonials to the event. -A day out that you will find hard […]

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Contemporary Craft & Design Fair, Crowthorne – 28-30 October 2016

Shepheard-Walwyn will be hosting a stall at the Craft in Focus: Contemporary Craft & Design Fair which boasts a selection of some of the finest designer makers from the UK. We hope to see you there. We will be selling our beautifully illustrated books as well as prints by calligrapher Rosemary Grossman. Calligraphy may be thought of as beauty of speech […]

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People’s Book Prize – On the Nature of Love

Arthur Farndell’s new translation, On the Nature of Love has been chosen as a finalist in The People’s Book Prize. Thanks to all who voted in the heats. Please vote again in the finals at the link below. You can vote for the book on The People’s Book Prize website. “Ways of falling in love” was […]

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Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare’s Gifts

To ask a group of Shakespeare lovers what it is that they love most in Shakespeare would be to raise a great hymn of praise and delight. Imagine then the crescendo we can expect on 23rd April 2016, when, as it seems, the whole world intends to mark his quatercentenary 400 years on. A great […]

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On the Nature of Love

Contemplating the Nature of Love

The story-line of this new book is very simple. November 7 was presumed to be Plato’s birthday, and on that evening in 1468 nine men met at Careggi outside Florence in his honour. After supper the Symposium was read aloud, and each of the guests then spoke on the nature of love. Marsilio Ficino, who […]

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Art of Industrial Warfare - cover image

Review of The Art of Industrial Warfare in The Epoch Times

Amar Manzoor’s business methodology, 7Tao, has been explained and thoroughly endorsed in an article in the Epoch Times by Joshua Philipp, “Faced With New Threats, Businesses Turn to Industrial Warfare: A system inspired by Chinese martial arts helps companies even the playing field when facing competitors who follow no rules.” Manzoor is the author of […]

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