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  • Sue Ryder

    Sue Ryder

    Her Life, Work and Times

    Tessa West

    ISBN: 9780856835209 - Hardback

    Due Jan 2018
    Sue Ryder made a huge and positive difference to the lives of thousands, despite – or perhaps because of - having a character which could, at times, be as obsessive and downright difficult as it could be creative and inspiring. Brought up to help others, she committed her life to doing so.

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  • Placeholder

    A World in Two Minds

    Why we must change our thinking to change our future

    K W Jamieson

    ISBN: 9780856835216 - Hardback

    Due March 2018
    Global society is in a state of chaos, causing physical and mental suffering for people all over the world. Yet almost all life stresses are ultimately human-made. Our species is literally making itself sick. Our future is unknown but whatever we bring forth will certainly be the output of the global mind we collectively create.

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  • Ficino 1 2nd ed

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 1 – 2nd Edition


    ISBN: 9780856835162 - Hardback

    Due May 2018
    Marsilio Ficino of Florence (1433-99) was one of the most influential thinkers of the Renaissance. This is the 2nd edition of the first in his series of letters, translated from the original Latin.

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