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  • World in Two minds

    A World in Two Minds

    Why we must change our thinking to change our future

    K W Jamieson

    ISBN: 9780856835216 - Hardback

    Due April 2018
    Global society is in a state of chaos, causing physical and mental suffering for people all over the world. Yet almost all life stresses are ultimately human-made. Our species is literally making itself sick. Our future is unknown but whatever we bring forth will certainly be the output of the global mind we collectively create.

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  • The Hidden Girl

    The Hidden Girl

    The Journey of a Soul

    Marika Henriques

    ISBN: 9780856835223 - Hardback

    Due April 2018
    This book charts the author’s long journey of healing from the trauma caused by having to go into hiding as a child and having to deny that she was Jewish.  Marika Henriques reveals how she was shaped and her profession determined by historical events and ultimately how she returned to her tradition and people.

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  • Ficino 1 2nd ed

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 1 – 2nd Edition


    ISBN: 9780856835162 - Hardback

    Due May 2018
    Marsilio Ficino of Florence (1433-99) was one of the most influential thinkers of the Renaissance. This is the 2nd edition of the first in his series of letters, translated from the original Latin.

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  • The Laws of Manu

    A New Translation

    Translated from the Sanskrit by members of the Language Faculty of the School of Economic Science, London

    ISBN: 9780856835230 - Hardback

    Due July 2018
    This new translation offers a contemporary rendering of this ancient work which addresses fundamental questions of law and duty for all members of society.

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  • Mithras to Mormon

    Mithras to Mormon

    A Religious History of London

    Philippa Bernard

    ISBN: 9780856835247 - Hardback

    Due October 2018
    When the Romans settled in Britain in 43 CE they could hardly have imagined that the small agricultural settlement of Londinium on the Thames would eventually become one of the biggest cities in the world. This book charts the progress of two thousand years of worship in London, from small buildings like the Mithraeum to the cathedrals, synagogues, churches, mosques and temples seen today.

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