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  • Saviour of the Nation - cover

    Saviour of the Nation

    An epic poem of Winston Churchill’s finest hour

    Brian Hodgkinson

    Chosen for Summer 2015-16 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION

    ISBN: 9780856835063 - Paperback

    Winston Churchill led the British people from the brink of utter disaster to the expectation of victory in the Second World War. This engaging poem depicts him as a hero, in traditional epic poetry style, echoing the works of Homer and Virgil.

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  • The Songbird - cover image

    The Songbird

    Helen Kinnear Wilson - Illustrations by Dr S.A. Kinnear Wilson

    ISBN: 9780856831904 - Hardback

    As the Cambridge Weekly News said of her first collection: 'The poems are ...alternatively thought-provoking, humorous and tender'.

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  • A cascade of stars - cover

    A Cascade of Stars

    Mira Mehta

    ISBN: 9780856831980 - Paperback

    'I do think you write wonderfully well - You write with a sparse and elegant choice of words, and there is a welcome touch of wit in some of your verse.' Nigel Hawthorne

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  • On the Nature of Poetry - cover

    On the Nature of Poetry

    Kenneth Verity

    Chosen for June 2009 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832468 - Hardback

    Almost a library in one volume, this unusual book, written by an accomplished poet, examines the 4000 years old phenomenon of poetry. It explains the underlying power of this art form and how its effect is exerted over human hearts and understanding.

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  • Sonnets - cover image


    Kenneth Verity

    ISBN: 9780856832215 - Hardback

    In this selection of over a hundred and fifty sonnets Kenneth Verity shows how successfully this verse form can be used to address the issues of the 21st century.

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  • Sketches Sartorial, Tonsorial and the Like - cover

    Sketches Sartorial, Tonsorial and the Like

    A Collection of Light Humorous Verse

    St Claire Bullock - Pen and Ink Drawings by Barrington Barber

    ISBN: 9780856832666 - Paperback

    In rhyming couplets these wry and witty poems ponder the foibles and vanities of mortals.

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  • Twenty Most Favourite Songs of Burns - cover

    Twenty Most Favourite Songs of Burns

    Scribed in calligraphy and illustrated by Andrew Winton

    ISBN: 9780856831751 - Hardback

    This beautiful book is the result of a long cherished dream, inspired by the poems and songs of Robert Burns. The dedicated research and meticulous craftsmanship shown by Andrew Winton have resulted in a book that no lover of Burns can resist.

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  • Edward Thomas: A Mirror of England

    Compiled and introduced by Eliane Wilson - Calligraphy and illustrations by Frederick Marns

    ISBN: 9780856830822 - Hardback

    The poet's search "in hope to find whatever I seek", his physical and spiritual intimacy with Nature and his deep love of England are all expressed in this evocative selection of some eighty of his poems, introduced by a biographical essay.

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  • Voice of Freedom cover image

    John Clare: Voice of Freedom

    R. S. Attack

    Featured in THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE, Winter 2010

    ISBN: 9780856832703 - Paperback

    This exploration of John Clare's life highlights the socio-economic and environmental aspects of his observations and includes his reports on an insidious revolution taking place in the English countryside.

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