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  • East Meets West

    John Adago

    Chosen for Spring 2014 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832864 - Paperback

    "In East Meets West John Adago engagingly describes some of the most significant figures in this subtle and profound history. It is a welcome addition to the global conversation." Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

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  • The Golden Thread

    Words of hope for a changing world

    Compilation, illustration and calligraphy by Dorothy Boux

    ISBN: 9780856831157 - Hardback

     "... one of the most amazing books I have ever seen ... an anthology of about a hundred very short texts taken from a wide variety of sources drawing on the teachings of many religions and philosophies." The Philosopher

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  • In Search of Truth

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9780856832765 - Hardback

    In Search of Truth presents a comprehensive story of the evolution of the School of Economic Science, now in its eighth decade. Brian Hodginkson brings his historian's skills and philosophic insight to bear in telling it in fascinating detail.

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  • Language and Truth - cover

    Language and Truth

    A study of the Sanskrit language and its relationship with principles of truth

    Paul Douglas

    ISBN: 9780856832710 - Hardback

    This book explores the nature of human language, its relation to truth and to the natural laws of the universe. It focuses on truth according to Advaita (non-dualism), and concentrates mainly on the Sanskrit language.

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  • The Laws of Manu

    A New Translation

    Translated from the Sanskrit by members of the Language Faculty of the School of Economic Science, London

    ISBN: 9780856835230 - Hardback

    Due August 2018
    This new translation offers a contemporary rendering of this ancient work which addresses fundamental questions of law and duty for all members of society.

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  • There’s No More Dying Then

    words of comfort and illumination

    Stephanie Wilson

    ISBN: 9780856832529 - Paperback

    In this book Stephanie Wilson shares her discoveries about the mystery that is death.

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