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Chinese Business

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  • Art of Industrial Warfare - cover image

    The Art of Industrial Warfare

    The Most Powerful Industrial Combat Method in the World

    Amar Manzoor

    ISBN: 9780856832970 - Paperback

    An introduction to a business management methodology inspired by Chinese martial arts to help companies even the playing field when facing competitors who do not play by Western rules.
    "The core values of 7Tao, honesty, integrity and good reputation are very much in line with our thinking at Virgin."  Steve Ridgway, ex-CEO, Virgin Airlines

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  • No Debt, High growth, Low Tax

    No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax

    Hong Kong’s Economic Miracle Explained

    Andrew Purves

    ISBN: 9780856835070 - Paperback

    "This is an excellent book. It brings a highly informed, exterior perspective to the debate on the particulars of the remarkable Hong Kong Revenue Regime." Richard Cullen, University of Hong Kong

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