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Economic Theory

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  • The Medieval World

    The Advancement of Civilisation in the Western World
    Volume 2: The Medieval World

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9788184541946

    Due August 2018
    This is the second volume in a series of 3 which charts the advancement of civilisation from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century. Alongside the advancement of civilisation during the Middle ages were forces of destruction: widespread poverty, disease and warfare were endemic, despite the intelligent and devoted efforts of so many Christian scholars, reformers, artists and warriors.

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  • The Land Question cover image

    The Land Question

    Viewpoint and counter viewpoint on the need for land reform

    Henry George

    ISBN: 9780911312409 - Paperback

    In his published works, George gave to the world a three-fold economic legacy: political, intellectual, and moral. This is perhaps clearest in this volume, which brings together three of his famous works: The Land Question, Property in Land, and The Condition of Labor.

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  • A New Model of the Economy

    A New Model of the Economy

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9780856832796 - Paperback 9780856832505 - Hardback

    This book offers a radical revision of modern economic theory. Its starting point is the existing body of both micro and macro economics, as developed in such textbooks as Economics by Begg, Fischer and Dornbusch and Positive Economics by Lipsey and Chrystal.

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  • Progress and Poverty - cover image

    Progress and Poverty

    Full Edition

    Henry George

    ISBN: 9780911312584 - Paperback9780911312799 - Hardback

    An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth...The Remedy. "The people must think because the people alone can act." The classic bestseller in political economy launched a worldwide movement with a unique strategy to abolish privilege and poverty.

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  • Progress and Poverty Condensed Edition

    Progress and Poverty – Condensed Edition

    Edited and Abridged for Modern Readers

    Henry George

    ISBN: 9780911312980 - Paperback

    "Today we live in a world that is divided. A world in which we have made great progress and advances in science and technology. But it is also a world where millions of children die because they have no access to medicines. We live in a world where knowledge and information have made enormous strides, yet millions of children are not in school. It is a world of great promise and hope. It is also a world of despair, disease and hunger." Nelson Mandela, 2005

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  • Rent Unmasked

    Rent Unmasked

    How to save the global economy and build a sustainable future

    Fred Harrison (ed.)

    Winner of the Best Achievement Award in the 2016-7 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION

    ISBN: 9780856835117 - Hardback

    The issues confronted in Rent Unmasked range from corporate tax evasion to the rise of irrational forces within democratic societies; the housing crisis to the fractured politics of the Eurozone; the misdemeanours in the banking sector to the way in which financial policies must be framed if economics is to be harmonised with ethics.

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  • The Science of Economics - cover image

    The Science of Economics

    The Economic Teaching of Leon MacLaren

    Raymond Makewell (ed.)

    ISBN: 9780856832918 - Paperback

    This book is based on a three-year course prepared by Leon MacLaren for the School of Economic Science in London in the late 1960s. The editor, Raymond Makewell, presents the original subject matter revised with more recent examples and statistics from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA.

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  • The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

    Phillip J Anderson

    Chosen for July 2009 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832635 - Hardback

    Phil Anderson explains, quite simply, how the real estate cycle originates, offers a fascinating study of US history to illustrate the stages through which each cycle passes, then explains why this cycle of boom and bust must repeat, given present economic conditions.

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  • The Traumatised Society

    How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation

    Fred Harrison

    Finalist in 2012-13 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832871 - Paperback

    "[This] is a staggering work that presents nothing less than a new paradigm – yet it is based in an historical narrative and overview of political, economic and cultural history that is ancient. Simply stated the premise is this: the theft of the nation’s economic surplus is the root cause of all the world’s major problems."   Wayne Sturgeon, Fourth World Review

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