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Literary Criticism

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  • On the Nature of Poetry - cover

    On the Nature of Poetry

    Kenneth Verity

    Chosen for June 2009 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832468 - Hardback

    Almost a library in one volume, this unusual book, written by an accomplished poet, examines the 4000 years old phenomenon of poetry. It explains the underlying power of this art form and how its effect is exerted over human hearts and understanding.

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  • cover

    Shakespeare and Platonic Beauty

    John Vyvyan

    ISBN: 9780856832949 - Paperback

    'Original and stimulating ... Mr Vyvyan's thesis is important and serious: serious in the sense that his reading of the plays and his supporting reading into Shakespeare's climate of ideas is deep, connected and wide.' Times Literary Supplement

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  • Shakespeare and the Fire of Love - cover

    Shakespeare and the Fire of Love

    Jill Line

    ISBN: 9780856832253 - Paperback

    This book reveals the philosophy which enabled Shakespeare to write of such universal themes as the harmony and disharmony between nations and princes, and the inner conflicts of mind and soul in men and women whose natures and desires are not confined to any particular age.

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  • Shakespeare and the Rose of Love - cover

    Shakespeare and the Rose of Love

    John Vyvyan

    ISBN: 9780856832932 - Paperback

    '...more perceptive and convincing than a great deal that has ever been written on the subject 'close and attentive scholarship 'shrewd and ingenious observations.' A.L. Rowse, Daily Telegraph

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  • Shakespeare A Hundred Years on Film - cover

    Shakespeare: A Hundred Years on Film

    A totally unique filmography and guide by Eddie Sammons

    Eddie Sammons

    ISBN: 9780856831881 - Paperback

    'The book's worth lies in its world-wide comprehensiveness - his research has been superb.' Luke McKernan, Head of Information, British Universities Film & Video Council.

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  • The Shakespearean Ethic - cover

    The Shakespearean Ethic

    John Vyvyan

    ISBN: 9780856832840 - Paperback

    'The most original book about Shakespeare I have ever read.' Christopher Booker

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