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Marsilio Ficino

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  • The Modern World

    The Advancement of Civilisation in the Western World
    Volume 3: The Modern World

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9788184541953

    Due August 2018
    The Modern Age has seen land enclosures, the industrial revolution, extremes of wealth and destitution, nationalism and revolution. Yet once again, great qualities have emerged. This book continues the study of great individuals as beacons within a declining civilisation.

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  • All Things Natural

    Ficino on Plato's Timaeus

    Arthur Farndell (translator)

    ISBN: 9780856832581 - Hardback

    Ficino's commentary on Plato's Timaeus offers the English reader, for the first time, an opportunity to share the insights of this highly influential Renaissance philosopher into one of Plato's most important and controversial works.

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  • Evermore Shall Be So

    Ficino on Plato's Parmenides

    Arthur Farndell (translator)

    ISBN: 9780856832567 - Hardback

    Ficino's crucial influence upon the unfolding of the Renaissance and his presentation of Plato's understanding of the One and the so-called Platonic Ideas or Forms make Evermore Shall Be So an important work in the history of thought.

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  • Gardens of Philosophy

    Arthur Farndell (translator)

    ISBN: 9780856832406 - Hardback

    Gardens of Philosophy provides the first English translation of the 25 short commentaries by Ficino on the dialogues and the 12 letters traditionally ascribed to Plato.

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  • Sale! Ficino set

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino – Complete Set


    ISBN: 9780856831997 - Hardback

    "From every point of view it is a pleasure to read this perfect introduction to one of the most attractive and influential figures of the Italian Renaissance." C.V. Wedgwood, Daily Telegraph

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  • Ficino 1 2nd ed

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 1 – 2nd Edition


    ISBN: 9780856835162 - Hardback

    Due September 2018
    Marsilio Ficino of Florence (1433-99) was one of the most influential thinkers of the Renaissance. This is the 2nd edition of the first in his series of letters, translated from the original Latin.

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  • Ficino 10

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 10 (Book XI)


    Volumes 2-10 are available here as a complete set at a reduced price.

    ISBN: 9780856835001 - Hardback

    These volumes contain the first English translation of the corpus of letters published during the lifetime of the  philosopher priest who helped to shape the Renaissance worldview. The letters in this volume span April 1491 to September 1492. This is a crucial period for Marsilio Ficino and Florence itself, for it witnessed the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

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  • Ficino 2

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 2


    ISBN: 9780856830365 - Hardback

    "Undoubtedly, these letters comprise one of the "spiritual classics" of the past thousand years."   Christopher Booker, The Spectator

    "I have often noticed that a person who depends on external things always lives a disturbed and anxious life and suffers many a disappointment, while the only person to live in peace and certainty is the one who leads a life based, not upon the passing show without, but upon the eternal within himself."   Ficino

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  • Ficino 3

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 3


    ISBN: 9780856830457 - Hardback

    "Marsilio Ficino was at the very fountainhead of some of the most characteristic and influential aspects of the Italian Renaissance."
    C.B. Schmitt, The Times Literary Supplement

    "Happy is the man for whom all things end well: but they do so only for him who uses them well."   Ficino

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  • Ficino 4

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 4


    ISBN: 9780856830709 - Hardback

    "The subjects which occupy Ficino and his friends, are of perennial and indeed painfully topical interest."   Church Times

    "Since therefore we all wish to be happy, and happiness cannot be obtained without the right use of our gifts, and since knowledge reveals their proper use, we should leave all else aside and strive with the full support of philosophy and religion to become as wise as possible."  Ficino

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  • Ficino 5

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 5


    ISBN: 9780856831294 - Hardback

    "To many who are nauseated by the positivist atheism which on the mass media passes for 'humanism', these letters will be water in the desert." Kathleen Raine, The Sunday Telegraph

    "First is God, second is the contemplation of God, third is the love of and adoration of God. These things are able to give us that peace which the world, being everywhere full of discord, cannot give."    Ficino

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  • Ficino 6

    The Letters of Marsilio Ficino Volume 6


    ISBN: 9780856831676 - Hardback

    "This body of work constitutes a crucial attempt at intellectual and emotional synthesis. Ficino strives to combine in a system at once harmonious and formally coherent three great strands of doctrine or speculation: Platonism, Christianity and that exceedingly rich current of hermetic, “magical” or cabalistic lore which underlies much of Renaissance culture."
    Prof. George Steiner, The Sunday Times

    "Only a life dedicated by choice to the study and cultivation of truth is lived in the fullness of bliss beyond movement and beyond time."   Ficino

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