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  • The Medieval World

    The Advancement of Civilisation in the Western World
    Volume 2: The Medieval World

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9788184541946

    Due August 2018
    This is the second volume in a series of 3 which charts the advancement of civilisation from Ancient Egypt to the 20th Century. Alongside the advancement of civilisation during the Middle ages were forces of destruction: widespread poverty, disease and warfare were endemic, despite the intelligent and devoted efforts of so many Christian scholars, reformers, artists and warriors.

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  • The Modern World

    The Advancement of Civilisation in the Western World
    Volume 3: The Modern World

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9788184541953

    Due August 2018
    The Modern Age has seen land enclosures, the industrial revolution, extremes of wealth and destitution, nationalism and revolution. Yet once again, great qualities have emerged. This book continues the study of great individuals as beacons within a declining civilisation.

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  • Britain's Prime Ministers - cover

    Britain’s Prime Ministers

    From Walpole to Blair

    Roger Ellis & Geoffrey Treasure Preface by Lord Butler of Brockwell

    ISBN: 9780856832345 - Hardback

    This book offers brief portraits of each occupant of the highest political office in Britain.

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  • The Greatest Briton - cover image

    The Greatest Briton

    Essays on Winston Churchill's Life and Political Philosophy

    Jeremy Havardi

    ISBN: 9780856832659 - Hardback

    Despite his record as 'the man who won the war', Winston Churchill is often accused of being a war criminal. This book sets out to correct the historical record in a stimulating collection of essays.

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  • Hoodwinking Churchill - cover

    Hoodwinking Churchill

    Tito's Great Confidence Trick

    Peter Batty

    Finalist in 2011-12 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832826 - Hardback

    'This minutely researched and closely argued tour-de-force of revisionist history ... forces us to rethink a critical aspect of the Second World War in Yugoslavia.' Sir Jeremy Isaacs.

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  • Little Mother of Russia - cover

    Little Mother of Russia

    A Biography of Empress Marie Feodorovna

    Coryne Hall

    ISBN: 9780856832291 - Paperback

    Empress Marie (1847-1928) lived one of the most dramatic lives of any princess who sat on the Russian throne. Born Princess Dagmar of Denmark she was betrothed to Tsarevitch Nicholas of Russia, a love match on both sides, but he died months before the wedding. Out of duty she married his brother who came to the throne as Tsar Alexander III in 1881 on the assassination of his father Alxander II. Her son was Nicholas II, the last Tsar.

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  • Long Way from Adi Ghehad

    Long Way from Adi Ghehad

    Journey of an Asylum Seeker: Dr Teame Mebrahtu

    Stan Hazell

    ISBN: 9780856835186 - Hardback

    With immigration and asylum seekers high on the agenda of governments throughout Europe, the life story of Dr Teame Mebrahtu is a timely reminder of a positive side of what has become a contentious and potentially divisive issue. It is a truly remarkable and inspiring story.

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  • Saviour of the Nation - cover

    Saviour of the Nation

    An epic poem of Winston Churchill’s finest hour

    Brian Hodgkinson

    Chosen for Summer 2015-16 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION

    ISBN: 9780856835063 - Paperback

    Winston Churchill led the British people from the brink of utter disaster to the expectation of victory in the Second World War. This engaging poem depicts him as a hero, in traditional epic poetry style, echoing the works of Homer and Virgil.

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  • Sovereignty


    Power Beyond Politics

    L. L. Blake

    ISBN: 9780856830976 - Hardback

    The author examines the nature of sovereignty with particular reference to the British experience. He suggests that the role of the sovereign is not as limited as is generally thought.

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  • Standing for Justice - cover

    Standing for Justice

    A Biography of Andrew MacLaren MP

    John Stewart

    ISBN: 9780856831942 - Hardback

    Redistributing ever-growing levels of taxation has always been the major weapon for alleviating poverty but what is the cause of poverty? Andrew MacLaren MP, inspired by Henry George, saw clearly the underlying reasons. His views, and the solution to this grave social problem, which were endorsed by no less than five Prime Ministers, make fascinating reading.

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  • Visitors

    John Stewart

    Chosen for July 2009 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832536 - Paperback

    More an allegory than a novel, Visitors describes the impact of beings from a distant planet on the political, economic and spiritual life of Britain and the world

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  • Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain - cover

    Who’s Who in Early Hanoverian Britain (1714 – 1789)

    Geoffrey Treasure

    ISBN: 9780856831317 - Paperback

    'Highly recommended for all history lovers, students - and indeed historical novelists.' SARAH BROADHURST, THE BOOKSELLER

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