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Real Estate

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  • Boom Bust

    House prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010

    Fred Harrison

    ISBN: 9780856832543 - Paperback

    "[Harrison] does make a case for the existence of an 18-year business cycle, which he links to speculation in the property market." Samuel Brittan, Financial Times
    "...for anyone seeking to understand the vagaries of the housing market, this is a fascinating read." Jeff Howell, Sunday Telegraph

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  • The Fair Tax cover image

    The Fair Tax

    Supported by history - agreed by economists - feared by the 1%

    Emer O'Siochru (ed.)

    ISBN: 9780856832901 - Paperback

    "This slim volume argues for a tax which could do more to bring about social and economic justice than any other step a government could take. The authors believe that Ireland is in danger of missing a golden opportunity to lead the way."  Review by Bernadette Meaden, Justice Magazine

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  • Ricardo’s Law

    House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam

    Fred Harrison

    ISBN: 9780856832413 - Hardback

    Ricardo's Law judges Tony Blair's decade in power. Blair was given a mandate to modernise Britain's institutions and include everyone in the prosperity of the nation. Fred Harrison explains why this prospectus could not be realised, because tax policies continue to favour the rich and penalise the poor.

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  • The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

    Phillip J Anderson

    Chosen for July 2009 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

    ISBN: 9780856832635 - Hardback

    Phil Anderson explains, quite simply, how the real estate cycle originates, offers a fascinating study of US history to illustrate the stages through which each cycle passes, then explains why this cycle of boom and bust must repeat, given present economic conditions.

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