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  • Crowning Glory

    The Merits of the Monarchy

    Charles Neilson Gattey

    ISBN: 9780856831966 - Hardback

    This book examines the vital contribution made by the monarchy to the life of our country, and the close relationship that has always existed between the sovereign and ordinary people of Britain. Also revealed is the in-built sense of duty and service passed down the line to this present day.

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  • Little Mother of Russia - cover

    Little Mother of Russia

    A Biography of Empress Marie Feodorovna

    Coryne Hall

    ISBN: 9780856832291 - Paperback

    Empress Marie (1847-1928) lived one of the most dramatic lives of any princess who sat on the Russian throne. Born Princess Dagmar of Denmark she was betrothed to Tsarevitch Nicholas of Russia, a love match on both sides, but he died months before the wedding. Out of duty she married his brother who came to the throne as Tsar Alexander III in 1881 on the assassination of his father Alxander II. Her son was Nicholas II, the last Tsar.

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  • Princess Olga

    Princess Olga, A Wild and Barefoot Romanov

    Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff
    with Coryne Hall

    ISBN: 9780856835179 - Hardback

    The fascinating story of the Romanov princess whose family fled the Russian revolution and lived in exile, firstly in homes provided by the British Royal family. This is very much a human interest story, told with humour by a down to earth woman.

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  • The Royal Law

    Source of our Freedom Today

    L. L. Blake

    ISBN: 9780856831911 - Hardback

    The title of the book is taken from words addressed to the Sovereign during the coronation service which, the author points out, plays a much more important part in the life of our nation than is generally recognised.

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  • Sovereignty


    Power Beyond Politics

    L. L. Blake

    ISBN: 9780856830976 - Hardback

    The author examines the nature of sovereignty with particular reference to the British experience. He suggests that the role of the sovereign is not as limited as is generally thought.

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  • Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain - cover

    Who’s Who in Early Hanoverian Britain (1714 – 1789)

    Geoffrey Treasure

    ISBN: 9780856831317 - Paperback

    'Highly recommended for all history lovers, students - and indeed historical novelists.' SARAH BROADHURST, THE BOOKSELLER

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  • Who's Who in Late Hanoverian Britain - cover

    Who’s Who in Late Hanoverian Britain (1789 – 1837)

    Geoffrey Treasure

    ISBN: 9780856831379 - Paperback

    'This series brings history to life and its completion is welcomed.' CONTEMPORARY REVIEW

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  • Who’s Who in Victorian Britain

    Roger Ellis

    ISBN: 9780856831386 - Paperback

    'Eminently readable.' The Good Book Guide

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