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  • Glasgow Taxi

    Jack Clyde

    ISBN: 9780856832321 - Hardback

    This is Glasgow, rich in variety, seen through the twinkling eyes of a likeable cab-driver.

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  • Highland Postbag

    The Correspondence of Four MacDougall Chiefs 1715-1865

    Jean MacDougall

    ISBN: 9780856832239 - Hardback

    The surviving correspondence of four MacDougall chiefs provides an authentic record of the concerns of the family during a time of major change in the way of life in the Highlands, and of the impact of local, national and international events upon it.

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  • Twenty Most Favourite Songs of Burns - cover

    Twenty Most Favourite Songs of Burns

    Scribed in calligraphy and illustrated by Andrew Winton

    ISBN: 9780856831751 - Hardback

    This beautiful book is the result of a long cherished dream, inspired by the poems and songs of Robert Burns. The dedicated research and meticulous craftsmanship shown by Andrew Winton have resulted in a book that no lover of Burns can resist.

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