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Tax Reform

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  • Boom Bust

    House prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010

    Fred Harrison

    ISBN: 9780856832543 - Paperback

    "[Harrison] does make a case for the existence of an 18-year business cycle, which he links to speculation in the property market." Samuel Brittan, Financial Times
    "...for anyone seeking to understand the vagaries of the housing market, this is a fascinating read." Jeff Howell, Sunday Telegraph

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  • The Corruption of Economics

    Mason Gaffney & Fred Harrison

    ISBN: 9780856832444 - Paperback

    The mystery of persistent economic failure is explained. The authors accuse the founders of neo-classical economics - the paradigm taught in schools and universities - of distorting the science to protect vested interests and to prevent governments from adopting policies that would permit sustainable growth and an equitable distribution of wealth.

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  • The Fair Tax cover image

    The Fair Tax

    Supported by history - agreed by economists - feared by the 1%

    Emer O'Siochru (ed.)

    ISBN: 9780856832901 - Paperback

    "This slim volume argues for a tax which could do more to bring about social and economic justice than any other step a government could take. The authors believe that Ireland is in danger of missing a golden opportunity to lead the way."  Review by Bernadette Meaden, Justice Magazine

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  • From Here to Prosperity

    From Here to Prosperity

    An Agenda for Progressive Prosperity based on an inequality–busting strategy of income for me, wealth for we

    Thomas J. Burgess

    ISBN: 9780856835032 - Paperback

    The author proposes creating a society where the wealth produced goes to the wealth producers so that the vast inequalities and the high level of poverty can be reduced significantly within a generation.

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  • Globalisation for the Common Good Cover Image

    Globalisation for the Common Good

    Kamran Mofid

    ISBN: 9780856831959 - Paperback

    "Globalisation - good or bad? - an important new 'jargon-free' book, offering a new vision of economics."
    Lorna Gold - New City

    "the book finishes with a radical solution which the author believes will harness the benefits of globalisation for the universal good. Challenging, well-written and provocative."
    Ian Matthews - The Magazine for Social Justice

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  • Henry George

    A Biography

    Charles Albro Barker

    ISBN: 9780911312850 - Hardback

    "Professor Barker has done a truly distinguished job. Not only is the scholarship outstanding, but Henry George has been brought to life." Robert Clancy, Director of the Henry George School of Social Science

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  • Land and Taxation

    Prof. Nicolaus Tideman (ed.)

    ISBN: 9780856831621 - Hardback9780856831539 - Paperback

    "Tax economists overwhelmingly support the idea that a tax on land represents an excellent source for government revenue." Choice

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  • The Land Question cover image

    The Land Question

    Viewpoint and counter viewpoint on the need for land reform

    Henry George

    ISBN: 9780911312409 - Paperback

    In his published works, George gave to the world a three-fold economic legacy: political, intellectual, and moral. This is perhaps clearest in this volume, which brings together three of his famous works: The Land Question, Property in Land, and The Condition of Labor.

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  • Land value taxation cover image

    Land Value Taxation

    Kenneth Wenzer (ed.)

    ISBN: 9780856831829 - Paperback9780856831812 - Hardback

    "There is a sense in which all taxes are antagonistic to free enterprise - yet we need taxes... so the question is, which are the least harmful taxes? In my opinion, the least bad tax is the property tax on the unimproved value of land, the Henry George argument of many, many years ago." Milton Friedman

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  • A New Model of the Economy

    A New Model of the Economy

    Brian Hodgkinson

    ISBN: 9780856832796 - Paperback 9780856832505 - Hardback

    This book offers a radical revision of modern economic theory. Its starting point is the existing body of both micro and macro economics, as developed in such textbooks as Economics by Begg, Fischer and Dornbusch and Positive Economics by Lipsey and Chrystal.

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  • No Debt, High growth, Low Tax

    No Debt, High Growth, Low Tax

    Hong Kong’s Economic Miracle Explained

    Andrew Purves

    ISBN: 9780856835070 - Paperback

    "This is an excellent book. It brings a highly informed, exterior perspective to the debate on the particulars of the remarkable Hong Kong Revenue Regime." Richard Cullen, University of Hong Kong

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  • Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs

    Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs

    Uncovering the explosive potential for growth via resource rentals

    Stephen Meintjes & Michael Jacques

    ISBN: 9780856835049 - Paperback

    The authors set out a proposal to unleash South Africa's potential for growth in a way that benefits investors and the poorest by reforming taxation – a blueprint for other developing countries.

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